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We are a bakery located in West Michigan that prides ourselves by using only handmade products from scratch using the freshest ingredients possible. Our goal is to provide brides with beautiful wedding cakes that fulfill their dreams, and our clients with stunning cakes that can't be beat!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kid Cakes

Even though we are starting to kick of our 2009 wedding season we are still able to sneak a few fabulous birthday cakes. An there is nothing better then seeing a 4 year olds favorite cartoon come to life.

Who doesn't love the Backyardigans?!

The gangs all here!

We are able to create almost anything your kids can think of and here are few of our favorites. Boy kids sure do have creative imaginations!

Cookies are always a crowd favorite!

And finally, who doesn't like to host a great Cinco de Mayo fiesta?

Like I said wedding season is up and running so it's back to the kitchen for me but feel free to give us a call so we can bake you something sweet for any occasion!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wedding season has begun...

...and we'll begin those next week :) This week we have quite a variety of different celebration cakes.

Here is Dominic's birthday cake for his second birthday. We did his first birthday cake last year, and we happy to do another one for him this year! Hopefully he'll stay with us for his cakes all the way up to his wedding :)

This awesome orchid cake was for a baby shower! How cool is that? So totally different. Jennifer dropped off a plate and a napkin for us to get creative off of. I think the result is great!

I love this one year olds birthday cake. The flowers remind me of some sort of zinnia, maybe. Lots of bright and fun colors for this one-year-olds birthday... oh and her cute little smash cake to go with it.

Who wouldn't want an i-pod to cut into for their birthday?! This birthday boy's mom even knew his favorite songs to have written on the cake - that is one loving mom!

We did a baby shower cake similar to this before, but it was just one tier. Covering the 3 tiers of cake we these dots is just perfect for a modern, hip, classic mother-to-be. The top is adorned with some baby bottles, a few diaper bags, a pair of sun glasses and a snuggly baby blanket. I'm not a fan of big, poofy bows on cakes, but these simple bows are just adorable.

An adorable monkey baby shower cake was ordered from one of our favorite clients - who I hear throws amazing showers.

A simple birthday cake featuring spring colors and tulips is perfect for a mothers birthday.

We will most definitely have wedding cake pictures from this weekend next week to talk about and post. I cannot count the weddings on one hand and I don't think I could count the wedding and specialty cake orders on two hands... so be prepared for photo overload! - Sara :)