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We are a bakery located in West Michigan that prides ourselves by using only handmade products from scratch using the freshest ingredients possible. Our goal is to provide brides with beautiful wedding cakes that fulfill their dreams, and our clients with stunning cakes that can't be beat!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

vacation in... november?

This past weekend truly, honestly was a kick off to the wedding season to come. This past week seemed to be not only a popular wedding day, but also a busy college graduation day, and busy birthday day. Who knew they might all fall on the same day?! And although it was a bit chilly, the sun shone here in the afternoon and lasted throughout the evening. It ended up being quite a beautiful evening. Now, where did our warm spring weather go?

Here is a close up of the cake posted last week, with the closer attention to the fondant swag detail added around the top of the cake. Let's just say this fondant covered cake helped us prep our muscles and rolling abilities for the coming summer :)

And so we added a new designer! To assist myself and Barb with the decorating, Rachel was brought on. Fabulous. I knew all those good grades in art class in high school would come in handy someday!

The Tinkerbell cake was a hit, and just so cute.

An EMU graduation cake. You'll also notice a daisy theme over this past weekend...

A simple, beautiful wedding cake from this past weekend.

A fun and springy wedding shower cake, complete with requested flip flops for the bride and groom.

The navy blue and light/bright pinks this bride chose were absolutely stunning. I blame the lighting at the reception hall for the poor quality photo :) A simple decorated cake with a navy blue tuxedo bow and ribbon on each layer with the pink gerbers in just beautiful.

This were awesome and fun cupcakes we did for a local hospital support group all topped with bright colored gerber daisies and green whirly-gigs.

You can have beautiful cupcakes at your wedding instead of a cake. And it really is becoming quite a popular trend. We have another cupcake wedding this weekend! This bride had amazing flavors of cupcakes (my personal favorite was banana with caramel buttercream filling, yum!) for her guests to choose from.

And more fun and funky cupcakes, this time for a 1-year olds birthday. I'd love to look back at my first birthday and say, "What cool cupcakes you bought me mom!".

Neat, right?

Here is Miss Sarah's princess birthday cake. Complete with glittery, shiney stars, a jeweled crown, and a castle!
Many, "happy birthdays" and, "Congratulations" to all of our clients and brides!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

long waits I know!

So sorry its been so long since our last update! We have been so busy lately, which really is a blessing! Here are a few cakes from the past weeks we have to share with you...

A beautiful deep sage green fondant covered cake. We loved the fabric-looking border that went on this cake, and the green and the pink are perfect together.

This purse cake was for Grace, a very girly girl, who turned 6 years old and wanted a very feminine cake. We heard she really loved it!

A funky cake for a proud 40 year old woman to be.

An elegant split tiered cake filled with flowers and greens.

And a sage green pulled embrodiery cake, just beautiful.
Hope you are all enjoying your week so far! It's a busy weekend for us at the shop, so look forward to lots more photos to follow this weeked :)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hello Readers!

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day to "officially" start our wedding season. I don't believe we have a week/end off until October as of right now. Time to get back into wedding season, and we are ready! But before we awe you with beautiful wedding cakes, here are a few fun cakes from the past couple weeks!

This was Lauren's birthday cake last weekend. She is just a little cutie pie and loved gymnastics! We glittered this one up just for her!

Luca wanted cars on his birthday cake, and Luca got cars. How fun! Happy birthday Luca!

For all you brides that don't know what design you want on your cake... who ever said you couldn't have fresh fruit? This couple loved fruit, and chose to adorn their wedding cake with simple swiss dots, and lots of fresh fruit! How delicious.

This couple chose to do a few different styles of cakes for their guests. We did centerpiece cakes, mini cakes, and a main cake for the couple to cut and save for their anniversary. Their colors were beautiful, and elegant, and who doesn't love a cake covered in chocolate ganache? We topped the cakes with fondant tulips and ribbons. The main cake was covered with an embroidery technique in a soft ivory color, and topped with fresh flowers. All in all, it was a beautiful set up!

Hope you all have a good week, and enjoy the warmer weather! :)