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We are a bakery located in West Michigan that prides ourselves by using only handmade products from scratch using the freshest ingredients possible. Our goal is to provide brides with beautiful wedding cakes that fulfill their dreams, and our clients with stunning cakes that can't be beat!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Almost June?

Hello Readers!

This weekend was filled with many wedding cakes, and a lot of unique ones at that. I think brides are becoming more and more personal with their cakes, and that is awesome! We would love for every single cake to be different. It makes our jobs so much more fun, and its great to see the cake incorporated so much into the bride and grooms wedding details.

This cake was wrapped with thin black ribbon in a kind of criss cross pattern, for a very fun and modern look. And the black and white is just stunning!

How awesome is this cake? We hand rolled fondant into the shape of pearls, then pearlized them with luster dust to give them the look and sheen of real pearls. We then placed them on the cake kind of like a string of pearls being draped over the tiers. A deep ivory fondant ribbon accented the cake and really helped the pearls stand out.

A simple white on white decorated cake was adorned with small piped vines and leaves and accented with fresh flowers. Beautiful on its own!

The cake is as fabulous as the stained glass window behind it, or more so! This is the first cake that we have done with taller tiers - the top tier on this cake stands 6in tall instead of the normal 4in. It ended up being a gorgeous tall masterpiece. The tiers were all wrapped with real satin ribbon in a light ivory champagne color. The flat iced cake was accented with hand made fondant flowers similar to dogwoods, and touched up with a bit of pink petal dust to bring in a bit of the wedding colors.

Congrats to all of our brides and everyone enjoy their week! :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just a few...

Hello Readers!!

Here are just a few cakes from this past weekend!

The first three pictures are of a baby shower cake. We love when people come to us with their ideas (what the baby's room will look like, colors the mom-to-be likes) and then lets us run with them! This future baby's room was going to be woodsy and organic, with some animals... but they still wanted the cake to reflect that it was a baby shower. We were happy to oblige!
One cute little baby bear with some honey...
and one cute little baby bear with his blanket! Too cute :)

This bride and groom wanted a cake that was just "them". They saw a style of cake they liked, and we sketched something a bit similar, but totally unique for them with their wedding colors. The end result: funky, elegant, and awesome.

This bride a grooms cake was very unique! They had alternating layers of chocolate ganache covered cake with itailian meringue buttercream iced layers. I personally think the result is pretty cool. With the bright pop of pink gerber daisies, this cake was large and stunning.

Everyone enjoy their weeks! We should have lots of pictures this coming weekend considering its one of our busiest all season! :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

All so different

Hello readers!

This past week was full of ALL different cakes! It really is a lot of fun to be able to do so many different designs during a weekend.

First, we were unable to get a picture of one of our wedding cakes we delivered due to a battery failure... but that is why we love our photographers! Karrn, and her husband Ken, jointly own Lotus Photographic, and they took amazing pictures not only of the cake, but of the wonderful day this bride and groom had! Check out the pictures and our cake at their website here under "Jessica and Josh". The cake below is Karrn and Ken's cake from back in February, modeled after their invitations. This is definitely one of my favorites :)

The cake below was for Dominic's first birthday party this past weekend. What a fun and fabulous cake for a first birthday!

I think this cake topper is just beautiful. And by adding a few flowers here and there, it really makes the whole display "pop". Oh, and all the white flowers were just stunning... who knew the absence of color could be so lovely?

A fun Hawiian themed cake for a future baby!

This is the style of designing that we love using... we like to call it "embroidery".

We did many cheesecakes for a wedding this past weekend. We topped all of them with an "L" made out of royal icing and using a pooling technique. Slick as can be!

Hope you all enjoyed the cakes and be looking for more after this coming weekend! :)