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We are a bakery located in West Michigan that prides ourselves by using only handmade products from scratch using the freshest ingredients possible. Our goal is to provide brides with beautiful wedding cakes that fulfill their dreams, and our clients with stunning cakes that can't be beat!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Hey readers! It's been quite busy around here which is just awesome! We have quite a few pictures from the past couple weeks, and we are still trying to get a few more of our recent wedding cake pictures, so bear with us!

Seriously, this teddy bear ended up at the top all on its own! Too cute though for a 1-year-old's birthday party!

A silver anniversary party.

Holy Strawberries Batman! Yum, we had some delicious, and gigantic, strawberries to add to cakes layers this past weekend. Delicious!

A cute cake for a bridal shower.

Another 1-year-olds birthday, this time with a farm theme. I love making these little guys! The chickens are definitely my favorite! :)

This is a wedding cake/cupcakes from a few weeks ago. We dyed and crushed up rock candy to resemble crystals on top of the cupcakes... but my favorite part of these??

The cupcake wrappers. How AWESOME are these things! And so many kinds are available! It will up the cost per cupcake, but what a statement compared to a simple wrapper. We definitely need a few weeks notice to order these, but I love them!

A beach themed cake.

A funky fun gerber daisy cake for a 21st birthday!

A dessert buffet compared to a tradtional wedding cake. The fresh fruit is delicious!

Just a simply fun anniversary cake! Oh, and covered in chocolate ganache... completely sinful!

Funky, funky, funky.

Probably my favorite cake/photo over the past weeks. The natural lighting is awesome and the flowers on the cake just pull the whole thing together. I love it!

A special birthday party cake!

ohhh cornelli lace!

Everyone have a great week! - Sara :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More enjoyment

Holy cow... we really cannot believe we are already more half way through June. Honestly. Its nuts and going by so quickly!

I love good lighting, and funky cakes. This cake was wrapped with think black ribbon and a deep turquoise ribbon. The result is a simple but fun look!

There is absolutely nothing like fresh fruit in the beginning of summer! The sweet, tart and all around delicious berries. YUM!

I love love love this one! The cake was covered with fondant in a pleated look and finished with soft white ribbons and handmade calla lillies. Now if only our beautiful, new cake stand wouldn't reflect such bright light onto our cakes...

This cake definitely looks a bit art deco-ish to me, and I love it. Its definitely a more traditional cake and is really stunning.

Congratulations to Riley who celebrated her graduation this past weekend! She is a beach, sand and sun lover, and requested that a fondant figure of herself sit atop her cake. And what do you need at the beach? Sun glasses. Perfect.

A simply yet elegantly decorated cake wrapped with a fondant ribbon and tuxedo style bows. The fresh green colors are absolutely so pretty this time of year.

And happy birthday to Zebb who turned five this past week. His two requests were for sprinkles and cars, so enjoy them both!

Its an early morning (posting before 7am?!) and still a bit chilly. We are getting ready for another weekend of fun cakes ahead, and hopefully warmer weather! And we are still working on getting a few pictures from some brides and others, so check back for those a bit later this week.

And a thank you to Dusty Brown Photography for dropping off a print of the cake from Monique and Kevin's wedding a few weeks ago, it looks stunning in our shop!

Have a good week everyone! Sara :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008


So sorry this took so long to post some past cakes from this weekend! We had some pretty awesome cakes for pick-ups this week so we delayed the post until those were done :)

Have we mentioned yet that we love doing unique cakes? Please, come to us with your ideas, and let us run with them!

This cake was for Carter's birthday. He loves Elmo, trains, and trucks (sorry we had no room for the trucks Carter!) But we did have plenty of room for Elmo to be riding in a train! We tried a mirror shot so that you could see the train wrap around the whole cake. Happy birthday Carter!

Allison and Paul's wedding cake this past weekend contained four verses, one piped on each tier, from one of their favorite songs. I loved the greens and the pinks and think it turned out wonderful! Truly unique to them!

Remember the R2D2 cake? Well, I don't know if R2D2 could stand up to this one. It may look like a semi truck front, but its definitely Optimus Prime from the new Transformers movie. This was so much fun to carve out of cake and decorate. Hope you have a super birthday Conner!

This cake was for a dad, who was given a baby shower for his soon to be new daughter. Apparently this dad was hoping for a little buddy to go fishing and do all those manly things with. The light pink border just reminds him of his wonderful daughter to be!

A bridely blue elegant shower cake for a bride to be.

The topsy turvy cake returns! This was delivered to the JW Marriott this weekend for a beautiful wedding reception. The five tier cake was hand carved and then covered in fondant, and decorted with hand made sugar gerber daisies, swirls and pearls.

I tried to tint out the yellow as much as I could to really get the purple to show through - the colors were just so much fun!

Enjoy all these fun cakes! Thank you again to all of our wonderful clients, we truly love and enjoy being part of all your fun celebrations.

More cakes soon after this wedding filled weekend!

Sara :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008


FedEx dropped us off a fabulous package today. First we thought, "what the heck did we order that is so heavy in such a small box?!" Then much to our suprise we saw this:

and then this:

Yup, we are pretty geeked!! Grand Rapids Bride is a wonderful magazine featuring everything from event planners, to cakes, to rehersal dinner sites. And it is just such an honor to be part of one of their two featured weddings. This is the only sneak peak at this years issue you'll get from us, so go out and purchase one for yourself and support a great magazine (and see our featured cake)!

Thats our exciting news. Honestly. We are so blessed! :)

to end our May weddings

Hello Readers! We seriously cannot believe that it is already June! Honestly, where did April and May go? It feels like wedding season just started, and we are already into the third month... crazy! We really have been lovin' our cakes lately...

This beautiful cake covered with simple moss green vines was delievered to the beautiful Cascade Country Club. We made two sugar cala lillies to sit on the teirs to match some of the table decor. What a beautiful event!

I love this one! I just love the bright colors of stripes, and it just says summer to me.

A very unique graduation cake for a Rockford grad was decorated with the "Beardcore" symbol, a group he takes part in.

Bradley was turning 5, and wanted a western theme cake. Instead of doing guns and handcuffs, we decided on cacti and cowboy hats. Too cute!

The dino's have returned! I love doing these dinos, they are just so cute and have so much personality.

Colleen and her groom Charlie chose a simple design of horizontal lines in two different shades of green. This cake was delivered to the beautiful St. Georges downtown. If you don't know about it or haven't seen it, check it out! Its set-up is so unique and needs hardly any decorating.

Monique and Kevin wanted to provide their guests with a variety of desserts and sweets at their reception at Thornapple Pointe, and we were more than happy to provide them. Requested were cream puffs, lime cupcakes, carrot cake cupcakes, and chocolate ganache dipped cupcakes. They also had a wedding cake ready to be sliced up for their guests. Delicious variety! Aletha from Pearls Events was their event coordinator and did a fabulous job as always (check out her services because she is just awesome!!) and Dusty Brown Photography did a beautiful job capturing their day, so make sure to check out his blog for more photos too!

We have plenty more weddings this weekend, so check back soon! Oh, and we have exciting (!) news, so look for that entry soon to come! Enjoy your hopefully not too rainy weekends :)