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We are a bakery located in West Michigan that prides ourselves by using only handmade products from scratch using the freshest ingredients possible. Our goal is to provide brides with beautiful wedding cakes that fulfill their dreams, and our clients with stunning cakes that can't be beat!

Monday, September 15, 2008

just a few...

Hello readers!

We are going to start out with a post earlier this week, and hopefully have another one once picture collection is done!

Below was a very traditional style cake we did to resemble the wedding cake of a lovely couple 50 years ago! How awesome is it to make it to your 50th anniversary?! Many congrats to these two and their very loving family.

This cake was posted a while back, but we never had a picture of it with its finishing touches - the flowers. The grass really gives the cake a different texture and added fun. It turned out beautiful!
A simple and clean wedding cake, just as beautiful.

For a bride that had no flowers at her wedding, crystals and feathers were the way to go. We believe she purchased her cake jewelry fron here http://www.cake-jewelry.com/ but we are still checking our sources :) This cake was wrapped with fondant, topped with a crystal initial, and more crystals were added at the corners. It turned out stunning!

The ultimate 21st birthday cake! A real life sized beer mug -- But I PERSONALLY think cake tastes much better than beer. Would anyone ever want a beer-flavored cake? Is that even possible?!

A stucco-like icing surrounded this cake and was topped with fresh fruits...yum!

And that's all for now. We had some fun cakes last weekend and are sure to have many more this coming weekend. So check back! Enjoy your weeks - Sara :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

is there another word?

Is there another word for how sorry we are that we didn't update the WHOLE ENTIRE MONTH of August?! Holy moly that flew by fast! I cannot believe that it's September first... And you know what we love about fall? The change of wedding color themes, fall cakes, and new savory fall cake flavors are on the horizon. We have two cakes this week consisting of Spice Cake filled Carmalized Apples and Caramel Buttercream. DELICIOUS. Its always nice to change seasons and make different cake flavors. But at the same time, I will definitely miss the Citrus Delight cake as it usually its a hibernation period this time of year. But, enough of fall, we need to get those August cakes out here!

This stunning, simple, and modern cake was covered with fondant and hand drawn ferns to go along with the brides simple and elegant tastes at her wedding reception. The greens, purples and oranges were awesome colors to work with. Amy Carroll photographed this wedding and had a sneak preview up featuring, I know, a much better picture of this beauty (Check back to her August 29th entry)

Another of my favorite, very modern cakes! I mean, WHO doesn't love plaid?! I was told by Barb to sketch some modern, J Crew style cakes using blues, greens, and a bit of orange. I came up with a few different ideas, but the plaid cake was the one I was hoping they would choose. I was delighted that they LOVED it. Jen Kroll was the photographer for this wedding, and I'm sure took a stunning picture of this cake.
A fun birthday cake featuring handmade gerbers and other flowers and grasses.
A birthday cake I was so excited to do for a past bride, Becky (her cake is the beauty in front of the stained glass window), for her husband, Matt's, birthday. It's Brian Fellows, from SNL, and it's a bit of an inside joke between them. Luckily we knew of the skit, and were happy to do it for her. Hope you liked the cake Becky!

We are loving this lime green at the shop! This cake has more of a traditional classy look covered in cornelli lace and simple swags.

A classy cake iced smooth and decorated with a swirl pattern and sparsely placed flowers.

These next two pictures go together. The first are cupcakes that are decorated to look like frogs for the kids at Lydia's birthday party. And the second is the cake that accompany's them for the adults. Lydia loves frogs!

Lady bug and Richard Scarry's Gold Bug (some of my fav books when I was a kid!) for Caroline's birthday party at school!

An elegant swirl detailed cake with a plum ribbon border.

We were given a piece of the brides lace dress to copy onto the cake. The lace was beautiful, a bit flowery with branches. We piped on the design with icing, and then pulled it with a brush to make it look like it was sewn on. We loved the result.

What a fun baby shower cake! We made this baby shower cake to look like a book. They wanted it very girly, and to semi-resemble a fairy tale book. So we made it look very elegant, feminine, and whimsical.

An awesome grooms car cake Rachel and Amanda worked very deligently on...

This cake was decorated to resemble the couples wedding invitations. A pic of the invitation is below. I love how the details turned out!

A fun and funky cake for sure for this bride and groom. We dropped this one off, from what I hear, is the newly remolded Centenniel Country Club. The club was beautiful and the staff was incredibly friendly!

Barb decorated this cool cake for a gigantic hockey fan. he was turning 10, and she even made the hockey stick and puck on the front look like the number 10!

A simple baby shower cake for a mom expecting TWIN girls!

Sex and the City themed bachelorette party cupcakes.

A beautiful cake covered in dark ivory vines.

Jackson had a barnyard themed birthday party, they were even bringing in a petting zoo! So this mom wanted a busy barnyard cake... horse, cow, chickens, a pig and a hungry lamb.

I hope that is enough cakes to keep you all busy for now! Hopefully we'll get another post up in the next few days with more of August cakes, then onto Septembers! Crazy. Hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekends, it was just beautiful! - Sara :)